having “feelings” is ruining my reputation of being a heartless bitch 


whoop there it is

I remember watching this episode on TV when I still thought that was a lot of money… ha…

Trying on my new circle lenses, very pleased.

Super Pinky Grey contacts from
Natural eye color: light blue


Well these got progressively more entertaining.

How to be an adult on the phone:
Suddenly panic and begin to talk very quickly, catch yourself, then proceed to quietly sob from a mix of embarrassment and adrenaline, while attempting to project a calm and cool demeanor.
Please note, it is very important to remember that you are awesome for the duration of the call or else your attempts to appear professional and collected will fail.
If all goes correctly they might call you back.

When I grow up I’m going to be a StarDog!

The Ballad of Hans

He wanted to be the very best [king] like no one ever was. To steal the kingdom was his real test, to rule it was his cause.
He had traveled across the land searching far and wide. Each princess to understand, the power that’s inside.
Han’s a douche. It’s about him and just him. He knows it’s is his destiny.
Han’s a douche. Ooooooh he has no friends in a world that he must rule.
Han’s a douche. A heart so cruel, his ambition will pull him through. He’ll trick you, and you and you,
Han’s a douche! Gotta rule ‘em all, gotta rule ‘em all!

I know this may not be the place for this, but I have some things about Hans I just have to say.

First off, Hans was only /mad/ in the end.
Hans was not crazy.
Hans never loved Anna.
Hans wanted to be king.
He was ambitious, he had desire, and greed. Hans was smart and thought tactically, and he calculated out every move he took in Arendelle to get what he wanted. A kingdom, not love.

Hans wouldn’t have been an evil king, he didn’t want to abuse the kingdom. He simply wanted to rule. In the same way Anna craved love and validation, Hans did too. He was the youngest of 13 brothers. He needed to be needed and validated. Hans thought he would get those things from a kingdom, so he wanted a kingdom.

Hans admits coming to Arendelle hoping to get close to Elsa, but Anna was easier. He could see her need to be validated and loved. He prayed on it..

Anna left him in control of the city when she went after Elsa. He showed the kingdom care and kindness, defended their princess and queen, Anna and Elsa, to the Duke of Weselton. He wanted to win over the people, and he was. Then when Anna didn’t return he went to find her, he had no claim to the throne without her.

When Hans met Elsa on the mountain things changed. Here was a chance to get rid her, while still being a hero. He wouldn’t be in line to rule with Anna, he would rule. But the chandelier misses.

Now his greed is growing out of control.
No one can say for sure if he went in wanting to hurt the sisters, but now he wanted them gone. He could get rid of them both, it would be /his/ kingdom, not even his and Anna’s, his. So, he leaves her to die, killed by Elsa, who would now also be permanently out of the picture. Then he spirals.

Anna gave him love, but that is not what he wanted. Hans wanted the kingdom.


Heart container necklaces in the works!



Remember that time Hans tried to crush Elsa with a chandelier and played it off like he was just trying to stop her from being shot with an arrow?

I love what a little shit is is.

I still don’t know why he didn’t let her be shot by the crossbow then instead of trying to dramatically crush her with the chandelier but dang I missed this.

My theory on the whole thing:
The soldiers Elsa is defending herself from are ones the of Duke of Weselton sent to kill her.The soldiers standing behind Hans are soldiers of Arendelle, both now present for the whole thing.
If Hans had let her die by the arrow, though it would have been easier, he would have to explain to Anna “He let her sister die” let alone explain it to the kingdom he hopped to rule. The soldiers of Arendelle would have been there to say she was shot by the Duke of Weselton’s men, but I’m not sure how much that would matter to a heart broken Anna. He could have lost the Arendelle throne.
Being tragically crushed by the chandelier however, he “tried to save Elsa”. He couldn’t point the arrow to his right because the Arendelle soldiers could be hit, to his left was the other soldier from Weselton, by pointing the crossbow up he was making it so the arrow could fire safely without hitting anyone one.
No one could see that he noticed the chandelier, and with that he could kill her and still be a hero to the kingdom and Anna for trying to save Elsa.

Remember that time Hans tried to crush Elsa with a chandelier and played it off like he was just trying to stop her from being shot with an arrow?

I love what a little shit he is.