Nathan Fillion’s cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy will be as Malcolm Reynolds and no one can tell me different.

Quick Jolteon in pallet #2 for anon. Enjoy.

Got my hair cut for the first time in 8 months…

L: “Yeah just trim off the dead stuff, leave it as long as you can please”
J: “… Mkay”
/Four inches later/
L: D:
J: “You brought this on yourself. This is why you get regular hair cuts.”

Goodbye longhair. Rip dreams of being redhead Yang.
You will be missed.

Anonymous asked: I'm not sure which fandoms you'll accept requests from, but I feel like pokemon is always a safe choice. So, maybe jolteon in palette #2 if you please? :)

Coming up.

Also because I didn’t specify I’ll put some series out there:
LOZ, Avatar, Rwby, Pokemon, Sailor moon, Adventure Time, Kingdom Hearts, Transistor (Basically if it appears on my blog more than once it’s fair game)

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Oh my


Sybil’s theme

So I’ll get more into it later, but just gotta say, over all, I liked it.

I do wish we got just a touch more into the universe though… I like being left with a lot to speculate about, but this is just a tad too much.

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Just look at those pointy little ears. And those sweet eyes. And that curly tail. And her dainty feet.
Besides the big things I would have to sort out before even /really/ considering this, I’m really hesitant because she’s so young. I’d rather be adopting a dog closer to 5-7. She’s 2-3…


This is bad.
I went on petfinder again and there is a dog. A dog that I fell in love with and that I need in my life.

I’ve created an up to date “Dog vs. Real life responsibility” chart.
If she’s still there in August… We shouldn’t talk about that…

 I always thought it’d be hard,

 to make new friends,

 but making enemies,

 I guess that’s easy.

I only worry about how much I’ve had to drink when my computer cannot auto correct me. Seriously.

If I don’t need to be corrected, I figure I can keep blogging…

Is there really such a thing as “Too much wine” on Game of Thrones night?
I think not.


having “feelings” is ruining my reputation of being a heartless bitch